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In-Home Care

Non-Medical in-home Home Care services can include:

  • Preparation, feeding, and / or cleanup of meals

  • Personal grooming, including baths, hair washing & brushing, assisted walking, assisted medications

  • Housekeeping, laundry, plant watering

  • Safety checks and calls for wellness checks

  • Companionship

  • Convalescence

  • Respite, including weekends or overnight care

Providing care for your loved ones can be a time consuming, exhausting experience. IAABY provides in-home care services with our certified PSW staff.


Non-Medical Home Care services like meal preparation, feeding and / or cleanup, personal grooming, including baths, hair washing & brushing, assisted walking and assisted medications should only be entrusted to staff with the correct training, and IAABY proudly holds it's PSW staff to the highest standards and certifications. 

In addition to personal care, we also offer light housekeeping, laundry, plant watering, and safety and wellness checks.  

We understand that meeting physical needs is only part of overall recovery and quality home care. W
e know how important it is to connect with our clients on an emotional level as well as physical, so we include companionship and convalescent care as part of our Home Care.

Caretaking can take a heavy toll on family members so we provide respite care services, including overnight and weekends, so regular caretakers can recharge and look after themselves as well as the people they love. 

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